How Does one become a Mushroom Farmer?

Well, that is a good question, and one we answer quite often. We actually went through quite a few years where if you told us we would be here doing this now, we would have asked what kind of mushrooms you were eating.  The real answer is, of course, like many  great stories,  not something I can do justice to in this space.  So, alas, the short version.  Having met in the Caribbean, we returned together to Louisville to finish school (crazy kids). We managed to spend much of our young lives in 2 of the coolest fine dining atmospheres known to man.  This happy circumstance led to a life long love of good food along with a keen interest in where food comes from and who is making it happen.  After many years of doing entirely grown up things like making tiny versions of ourselves and having (yawn) careers many stars aligned to make this a reality.

Frondosa Farms is a family business and a dream come true.  Patrick is the heart and soul of the business and the creative genius behind our facility.  Patrick took a love of Mycology and turned it into a mushroom growing facility so that we could bring a local source of these flavorful nutritional powerhouses to the thriving Louisville restaurant community.  We are so excited to work with local chefs and business owners and to share our love of Mushrooms with our community.  If you want the long version, well, I'm sure it will be in my novel...

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Patrick Webb