A little bit about us...

Frondosa Farms is a Culinary Mushroom Farm that we started in 2015 on our property in Simpsonville.  It originated from my love of mycology and a desire to return to Kentucky after living in New York and the Virgin Islands for many years. I spent a few years studying mycology and attended  several workshops before finally putting together a plan for culinary mushroom cultivation on a commercial level.  I wanted to work for myself and do something that would benefit the community and family I love.  I converted shipping containers into a functional mushroom growing environment and with my wife,  Melanie,  I was able to have product to market in time for Derby season in 2016.   Since then we have expanded our business exponentially and are continuing to grow.  We are so excited to work with local chefs and business owners and to share our love of Mushrooms with our community.  

Patrick Webb